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Dale Niehaus was born in southern Indiana. Growing up with a vivid imagination and only son to his parents, he would use his imagination to bring his ideas to life with his action figures. Creating different voices for them, he discovered he had a gift for voices.

His acting career began in elementary school while acting in various school plays, one of which he portrayed Abraham Lincoln.  As he grew older, he began imitating characters he had watched on tv. And performing them for his parents and later on his wife. They were divorced back in 2020 but remain amazing coparents.

In 2015, he and his wife and kids moved to Oklahoma. It was there he discovered his calling of acting.  He saw an ad for a local play version of the book Fahrenheit 451. He booked a supporting role and was bit by the acting bug in 2016.

Since then he has been involved in over 30 projects and  has also worked on the crew side as the driver for the main cast on the SAG feature movie Cricket.

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